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  • First day of term

    Monday 06:45AM

    After two weeks of being rather lazy my body was not ready for the 545am start I inflicted on it

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  • Back at work

    Monday 08:45PM

    Back to the office today and the Mr took over the childcare duties that come with school holidays

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  • School Yard Chats

    Saturday 10:14PM

    So in the last few days I have noticed something The word sex and sexy mean something to my 7 year old

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  • House of Magic

    Sunday 09:28PM

    We went to see House of Magic today with a family friend It was so good to catch up with her and have some movie time - it's been too long

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  • Watermelon cupcakes

    Sunday 09:31PM

    As a last weekend of the holidays request my daughter asked if we could get into the kitchen and bake some cupcakes to decorate

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