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  • ANZAC Slice

    Sunday 10:39AM

    This meant very little to A, but L had been learning a bit about it at school so she took to the stories much more

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  • Why my 7 year old...

    Thursday 07:34PM smarter than the Prime Minister. I was just sitting here with Miss 7 and I thought I'd ask her some questions

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  • Not a great day

    Monday 10:45PM

    I looked around my house and all I could see was more and more clutter

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  • Our ANZAC Day

    Sunday 10:31AM

    I dont quite know what I was thinking, but I ended up walking into town yesterday with my almost 3 year old in tow

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  • Nighttime wetness

    Monday 03:33PM

    Now I don't allow him anything to drink 1-2 hours before bedtime, and sometimes if he does i then wake him around 10ish to go toilet...

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