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  • Party Planning

    Sunday 11:07PM

    My birthday is coming up and earlier in the year I made a big thing of pre-booking the date and letting all my friends know

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  • Kids

    Sunday 11:00PM

    - not for the faint hearted...Wow my kids have been in fine form this weekend.

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  • Wind in newborns

    Wednesday 01:54PM

    I have a 7 week old baby who seems to be very windy (she doesn't have colic) but struggles to bring wind up

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  • Powerful Stuff

    Friday 07:04AM

    I came across this image doing the rounds on Facie last night and I found it to be just so powerful

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  • Lazy sundays

    Sunday 09:31PM

    Thanks to grandmas I was able to do several hours study at the library last night and sleep in this morning

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