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  • Salt dough gets bling

    Monday 09:54PM

    Tonight, with the Salt Dough being baked and previously painted white by Miss 2. I decided it was time to bling them for their Christmas Wreath.

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  • Homework?

    Monday 10:10PM

    So tonight when I got home, I asked if she had done her homework and she turned to me and said 'I am awesome. I am amazing'.

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  • Coming out of my funk

    Tuesday 10:59PM

    I noticed that I was feeling trapped, having heart palpitations. I noticed that I was started to feel sick whenever I walked into the office.

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  • Auckland Date Night

    Sunday 10:33PM

    Well we went on our Auckland Date Night yesterday so I thought I would come back and report on the things we did

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  • Crafty kid - not

    Monday 01:19PM

    So my Mr 4 Isn't exactly the arty crafty type whatsoever...mind you neither am I...

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