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  • First cross country

    Wednesday 11:56AM

    Mr 5 had his first cross country today, which i was actually dreading as he hates running for no reason

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  • Speeches

    Monday 01:17PM

    Mr 5 came home last week with a newsletter stating that NE classes are having speeches in a weeks time

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  • Purple hair?

    Sunday 09:50PM

    I bought this hair dye a week or so back, but I hadn't had a chance to use it because of sickness and various other things

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  • Not again!

    Wednesday 10:08PM

    1130ish this morning, while I was about to jump into a new phone rang. It was daycare and Miss 3 had just been sick

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  • Family night fun

    Sunday 10:00PM

    After dinner she got the puzzles out and we all had a go with one each

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