Family Tree - Birth Order

Each family member brings attributes and universal qualities for the entire family to realise and enjoy. Understanding birth order positions allows parents, guardians and teachers to guide and support children and strengthen positive attributes. Enter your basic family tree below to learn more about each child's characteristics; personality role, inherent nature, needs from parents, relationship to parents, tendencies when imbalanced and lessons. NOTE: it is the father that determines the birth order so all children born to the father should be entered in order. View Example
All information provided courtesy of Rayid International:
Father  Mother
Advert 1 Example: Number 1 Girl
Mentally focused and physically strong, No 1 girl presents a powerful presence. She gathers and preserves the family, sometimes overpowering others with her sense of confidence and driving sense of responsibility.
  • The Queen, The Matriarch
  • Mature, Mental, Close to Family
  • Competes with Mother, wants Father
Hint: Extend her childhood by helping her not to take on too much responsibility too soon. Teach her to laugh and play. Give her freedom and a sense of equality, but protect her from feeling that she has to solve family problems and conflicts
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