Chicken & haloumi skewers
Christmas family recipes

Makes 8 skewers

These skewers are a taste sensation! They also have the wonderful 'do-ahead-ability' factor - can be prepared in advance and then cooked just before serving. I like to make the larger skewers (less fiddly) and serve two to each guest as a good-sized entrée, or you can make smaller skewers and serve them as finger food to your mingling guests.

  • 2 chicken breasts (about 400g), cut into 2cm cubes
  • Zest and juice of 1 lemon
  • 1 tablespoon olive oil
  • 250g haloumi cheese, cut into 24 cubes
  • Oregano and sage leaves (halved if large)
  • 8 wooden or metal skewers

Combine chicken, lemon zest and juice and oil, cover with plastic wrap and place in fridge to marinate for at least 30 minutes. If you are using wooden skewers, soak in water for the 30 minutes to prevent them burning under the grill. Divide chicken and haloumi into eight equal serves. For each skewer, thread on a couple of chicken pieces, then a haloumi square, more chicken and more haloumi until all used. Thread herb leaves between each piece of chicken or haloumi. Preheat grill to medium-high heat, cook skewers for 2 minutes, turn and then cook for a further 2 minutes or until chicken is cooked and haloumi is golden.Serve warm with lemon wedges.


  • Marinading the chicken is not essential, but the lemon does produce a nice sharp contrast to the haloumi.
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