Christmas family traditions
Fun and funny family traditions

Sometimes the silliest of traditions are the ones we love the best. One of the first things that popped into my mother's head was the festive head d├ęcor we haul out each holiday.

From singing Santa caps to reindeer antlers on the dog, everyone in my family has his or her own special hat. Even my twins at six weeks old had their own special Christmas hats.

Check out Price Busters and the $2 Shop - they usually have fantastic head wear. Or better yet, make your own.

Here's a template so you can make your own reindeer antlers. All it takes is a bit of cardstock, some tape and a lot of creative decorating. Gather all kinds of items like glitter, paint, ribbons, buttons and beads and let your imagination run wild.

Use this template to make your own reindeer antlers

Edible ornaments

One of my fondest Christmas memories is watching my husband sneak into his parent's lounge and snag one of the chocolate ornaments his mum hangs on the tree. He snags one each time he goes by, and its hysterical to watch him trying to be so sly.

His mum hunts high and low to find these ornaments as she knows both her sons love them and enjoyed them when they were young. The only problem is that after one of our visits, it leaves a pretty bare tree!

Christmas present scavenger hunt

Growing up my brother and I would usually get a few little presents under the tree. They were fun to pinch and poke and wonder about their contents, but we knew to look for the envelope. It might sound boring, but that envelope was the beginning of the great Christmas present quest.

My mother was the master of the scavenger hunt. Inside that envelope were hand-written clues to where our present was hiding. It didn't even matter what the gift was, because it was all about the fun of finding it.

As we got older, the clues got a bit more puzzling, but just as much fun.

I'm looking forward to the day when I can do the same with my little ones.

So release that kid inside of you and make this Christmas one that you and your family will truly remember!

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