Decorate your Christmas tree
Decorate your Christmas tree with memories

Tree decorating in our house is a special event. We look at it as a time to reflect on our lives together as almost every Christmas ornament that is placed on our tree is a reminder. People love to look at our tree and ask the significance of certain ornaments.

When we decorate our tree, we reminisce about all the countries we visited on our honeymoon as we hang the Santa sitting on the Eiffel Tower and the marionette we bought in Italy. My husband and I relive the first All Blacks test we went to as he hangs the All Blacks Santa Claus. My son proudly hangs the first ornament he made by gluing coloured sticks together to form a snowflake.

Ornaments do not have to be expensive, as many of ours are homemade or are simply key chain items (which are usually pretty cheap souvenirs) with the key holder removed. Dress them up by tying a red ribbon at the top and you have a wonderful Christmas memento that looks beautiful on the tree.

Some ideas for your ornament collection (but don't let these ideas limit you):

  • bride and groom to signify a wedding
  • a "baby's first Christmas" ornament for each child inscribed with the year
  • homemade ornaments with each family member's name
  • state/country flags for each place you've lived
  • icons of sports teams you favour (we have All Blacks, Minnesota Vikings, Ohio State Buckeyes)
  • cotton ball snowmen made by the kids (one for each member of our family)
  • angel ornaments to remember deceased loved ones
  • decorated sea shells you've collected on holiday
  • animal ornaments for your canine or feline friends
  • an annual family ornament (any ornament marked with that year's date on it)
  • small framed photos of the children - so you can see how much they've changed from year to year
  • ornaments the kids have made at school
  • plain ornaments decorated with glitter and ribbons by the kids (fun indoor activity).

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