Christmas meal menu card
Christmas meal menu card


  • A4 Sheet Stardream Quartz Card (each sheet will give you 1 card)
  • A4 Sheet Cristina Re Red Spots & Stripes Paper (each sheet will give you 6 strips )
  • 10mm Black & Red Satin Ribbon


  • Paper trimming & scoring method of choice
  • Scissors
  • UHU glue
  • 1/8” round hole punch
  • Pencil and ruler

Step 1

Lay the A4 sheetlandscape orientation and using preferred scoring method, crease the A4 Quartz card at 99mm and 198mm, creating 3 evenpanels.

Step 2

Print your Christmas lunch or dinner menu in column 1 and 3 and your christmas greeting in the centre column.

Step 3

Cut the Red Spots & Stripes Paper into strips along the long edge of the paper creating strips 35mm x 297mm. Cover the strips lightly but thoroughly in UHU glue. Place the strip along the bottom of the card pressing firmly to achieve maximum adhesion.

Step 4

Lay the card in a landscape orientation and with the pencil and ruler mark two holes 70mm from the top and 10mm from the edge of the card at either end of the sheet. Using the Hole Punch, punch out the two holes.

Step 5

Cut the Black and Red Satin Ribbon into 20cm lengths.

Step 6

Fold the flap the cards along each crease to create a triangular card. Thread a length of both black and red satin through the holes and tie a simple double knot. Trim the ribbons to a pleasing length.

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