Sparkling stars Christmas card
Sparkling Stars Christmas Card


  • A4 Sheet Stardream Jupiter Red card (each sheet will give you 2 cards)
  • A4 Sheets Metallic paper
  • A4 Sheets Cristina Re Petite Pois sheer paper
  • Assorted paper studs
  • C6 Stardream Jupiter Red Envelopes


Paper trimming & scoring method of choice

Scissors and double sided tape

Computer and printer

Cutting mat and paper awl


Step 1

Using preferred scoring method, score the Jupiter Red card in half along the long edge to create a fold at 105mm.

Step 2

Using preferred trimming method cut the A4 Iceberg card in half along the short edge to create a finished size of 210mm x 148.5mm.

Step 3

Using your computer, find a clipart of a five point star and lay it multiple times up on an A4 sheet. Print this pattern onto a sheet of the Metallic and Petite Pois paper.

Step 4

Reduce the star size by 50% and lay it multiple times up on an A4 sheet. Print this pattern off on a sheet of Petite Pois paper.

Step 5

Using your scissors, cut out all stars. On your cutting matt, lay the card open and arrange the layers of stars, Metallic to the bottom, then the large Petite Pois, then the small one, atop the front of the card. Using your Paper Awl, pierce a hole through the centre of the stars being sure you pierce all layers of paper and card. Push the paper stud through and fold out the stud feet.

Step 6

Using preferred cutting method, cut the A4 sheet of metallic paper into 4 equal pieces 90mm x 138mm and using double sided tape attach to the inside of your cards. Finish by off-setting the layers of stars.

Step 7

Write your Christmas greetings on the inside of the card. Insert completed card into the C6 Stardream Jupiter Red and seal with a gold or silver star sticker for that perfect finishing touch.

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