Swirly stars Christmas card
Swirly Stars Xmas Card


  • A4 Sheet Iceberg Card (each sheet will give you 2 cards)
  • A4 Sheet Swirly Stars Sheer paper (each sheet will give you 2 cards)
  • Roll of Gold Cord
  • C6 Pearla Gold and Red Envelopes


  • Paper trimming method of choice
  • Pencil and ruler
  • 1/8” round hole punch
  • Vellum tape
  • Scissors


Step 1

Using preferred scoring method score the Iceberg card in half along the long edge to create a fold at 105mm.

Step 2

Using preferred trimming method cut the A4 Iceberg card in half along the short edge to create a finished size of 210mm x 148.5mm.

Step 3

Using preferred trimming method cut the Swirly Stars sheer paper into half ~ 210mm x 148.5mm.

Step 4

Lay the Iceberg card flat. Apply a small strip of vellum tape to the right of the score mark, what will be the front of the card. Position the Swirly Stars paper over the card being careful to alighn the sheets. Press firmly to achieve maximum adhesion. Fold the card in half.

Step 5

Using pencil and ruler mark two dots, approximately 25mm from the right hand edge and 10mm from the top and bottom of the card. Using a 1/8” round hole punch, punch a hole where you have marked, making sure both layers are punched through.

Step 6

Cut the gold cord into 60cm lengths. Thread the cord through both holes bringing the two ends together at the front of the card and tie a bow.

Step 7

Write your Christmas greetings on the inside of the card. Insert completed card into the C6 Pearla Gold or Red envelopes and close using the matching Swirly Star seal for that perfect finishing touch.

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