Block puzzle advent calendar
Block puzzle advent calendar

Here's a way to get the kids even more excited about counting down the days to Christmas - a puzzle advent calendar! Print out a Christmas-y image (we used this one from Eat Drink Chic), cut it up and stick it onto square gift boxes filled with little presents. Write calendar numbers on the other side of the boxes and then, each night before the kids go to bed, turn a box over to the picture side to reveal one more puzzle piece of the bigger picture. Kids will love opening the box presents each night and guessing what the complete picture will be. You could also mix the numbers or images up for a harder puzzle challenge.

You'll need:

  • 25 small gift boxes - we used 5cm x 5cm flat-pack boxes from a bargain shop (Hot Dollar).
  • A picture printed to size (an A3 colour printer was required for this size)
  • Glue
  • A scalpel
  • A ruler
  • Blu-Tack
  • Permanent marker
  • Little gifts to put inside the boxes - chocolates, tiny tree ornaments, little notes etc

Step one

Using a scaple and a ruler, cut the big image into five 5cm strips, then cut these into smaller squares so you have enough puzzle piece images for all 25 boxes.

Step two

Place a gift inside each box and then glue the box shut. Glue a puzzle piece image on the front of each box and leave to dry.

Step three

Write calendar numbers on the back of each box with a permanent marker.

Step four

Place the boxes in a grid form on a shelf (using Blue-Tack to secure to the wall if you wish) with the numbers facing outwards. Have your kids open the appropriate calendar box each night in the lead up to Christmas. Then, turn the box over to reveal the picture and leave it displayed until all boxes are opened and the whole image is revealed.

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