Simple paper plate crowns for Christmas
Christmas crowns

What you need

  • 1 x plain white paper plate
  • 1 pkt sticker dots (available at Officeworks)
  • red and green pom poms
  • glue
  • scissors
  • red marker pen


Write some Christmas carol lyrics around the rim of the plate, in red pen. Your children might also like to write their name.

Fold the plate in half.

Mark a dot in the centre of the folded line and draw three evenly-spaced lines to the inner edge of the rim - so that the plate has four 'pie' sections. 

Cut each section from the folded edge to the inner edge of the plate’s rim.

Open out the plate and cut the line of the fold to the inner edge of the rim to create eight points for the crown.

Decorate the points of the crown with green and red sticker dots (or whatever your children like).

Glue red and green pom poms to the top of each point.

Wear it. So fashion forward.

Hints and tips

You can  decorate your crown with whatever you have handy: crayons, coloured pens, paint, glitter or even tinsel.

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