Play stages for toddlers
Play stages for toddlers

12 - 18 months:

By about 13 months, half of all babies are up on their feet and walking - even if it is a little wobbly! Once your toddler gets going he won't want to stop, so choose toys that will encourage movement. At this age he's also able to put ideas together and make a plan, so building toys are also popular.

At this stage, introduce:

  • Wheeled toys
    Whether you invest in some push or pull toys, or get him his own three wheeled ride-on toy, your toddler will love to play with toys that are on wheels. Not only will these allow him to practice his new physical skills, but he'll also be able to choose where he goes and how he gets there.
  • Building Blocks
    Toddler lego (Duplo) and wooden building blocks are very popular at this age, as the open-ended play will allow your toddler to create anything he can imagine.
  • Musical instruments
    All toddlers love to make noise and whether you buy some basic instruments - castanets, drum, triangle, tambourine (or if you really are a glutton for punishment, a recorder), or make your own, he will spend many happy hours making his own band.

Last revised: Wednesday, 18 June 2008

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