15 active games to get kids away from their screens

15 active games to get kids away from their screens

15 active games to get kids away from their screens


Fill their lungs with air and let the breeze blow through their hair – that’s what childhood is all about. Here are 15 ludicrously fun games to get the kids away from those screens.

1. Cat and mouse

The aim of this active game is to help the mouse escape the clutches of the playful cat. There will be squeals of excitement!

2. Bend the light


The kids will love this light bending experiment, discovering one of the elements that go into the science behind Harry's cloak.

3. What’s the time Mr Wolf?

Who will be caught by the hungry wolf at dinner time? This is all about survival of the quickest!

4. Tag

Get tagged and you’re out! This hilarious chasing game will give the kids a belly laugh like nothing else.

  • See here for the rules of the Tag game.

5. Thief

Can you steal the lollies from the blindfolded keeper? In this game your powers of stealth and trickery will really be put to the test.

6. Hose limbo

Now for an active game that is also a complete giggle fest! Challenge the whole family and see who comes out the winner!.

7. Superhero chasey


Even caped crusaders love to run amok outdoors, playing chasing games. And this energetic game is proof!

8. Twist and out!

Get the kids to twist and turn through this classic game.

9. Duck, duck, goose

Whether you’re a duck or a goose, you are guaranteed to cheer, clap and scream your way through this thrilling game of chase.

10. Show jump showdown

Gather the kids and let their imaginations take flight as they take their ponies over a jumping course in the backyard!

11. Stuck in the mud

Loved by kids the world over, this classic active outdoor game just never seems to get old.

12. Blind man’s bluff


You might not be able to see in this game of tag, but if you’re quiet you just might hear your opponents or perhaps even smell their fear!

13. Capture the flag

Find your opponents hidden flag and your team will be victorious. But get caught in the process and victory might get snatched away.

14. Magnetic fishing game

Make your own fishing game using our fish printables. Let the kids decorate their own before they enjoying playing.

15. Fox and geese

You can run but you cannot hide. This creative game requires you to think strategically to avoid being tagged.