Sickness or injury, parenting goes on

Every parent knows that when you are sick, there is no sick leave from kids. The exception to this is if you work as well and your kids are in school and aren’t sick at the same time as you. Dreams like that don’t come true all that often though! And even if they do, you’ll likely be the one having to drop them off and pick them up at the end of the day.

Having a cold or a tummy bug can be hard going when you have to take care of your own needs and those of your children. However, I have to say, the times that have sucked the most have been when I have had foot injuries. This has happened to me three times.  

The first time this happened, I caught Hand, Foot and Mouth from my youngest child. She got a bump or two on her hand. She was more sleepy than usual. My husband got it another time from our eldest, so I thought I knew what to expect. In typical fashion, I caught it and it was the worst case we had ever seen! My hands and feet were coated in bumps. Each bump felt like it was on fire. I couldn’t pick up anything, or walk on my feet for two days. We have a two storey house, and I was still breastfeeding through the night.

Needless to say the night feeds were like a personal hell. My husband slept through her waking, so there I was with each step and touch burning.  I stood to pick her up, then put her to the breast. Afterwards as gently as one can while in so much pain, I moved her back to her cot. My hands and feet peeled afterwards so I looked like the creature from the swamp. It was a good look.

Another time, I merrily walked out of a rest stop toilet onto broken glass. It went right through my shoe and I ended up in the car, leg elevated with a nappy on my foot. As I applied pressure to the wound, my husband tried to navigate for medical help. My baby was a bit older by then, but I was still feeding her. At least I only lost the use of one foot for a wee bit! 

This week, I managed to step on something very sharp at home. I’m not even sure it’s out of my foot yet! I’m so annoyed about it. While I haven’t got anyone crying in the night anymore, apart from me – WHY ME?! - it has still been challenging to get around, cooking meals, and tucking kids in. 

What’s the one illness or injury that you have struggled with the most when trying to parent?


This blog was written by Kym Moore. Kym loves to write when she isn't working, hanging out with her two awesome daughters, or spending time with her awesome husband after bedtime.

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