Tips for holidaying with baby
By Kidspot Team
Packing for baby

Holidaying with babies can sometimes be described as just like being at home but without the convenience! Having said this, we have some tips on how to make the change of scenery enjoyable.

  • check our Packing for Baby list and for a few weeks before you go away check what you use regularly is on the list
  • pack a spare top in your travelling bag in case you find yourself in a messy situation
  • while you are away try to stick to your normal bedtime routine
  • if buying travel equipment choose items based on size and weight - the smaller and lighter, the easier
  • if you are travelling in the car, stock yourself up with a pile of toys to pass over to your child one at a time
  • consider hiring strollers, portacots and highchairs at your destination. If you are flying and hiring a car, try to hire a car seat as well
  • when packing clothes into the bag, roll them up - they take up a lot less room
  • your baby is sure to get a fever, get nappy rash or start teething  - or all 3 - while you are on holiday. Pack a first-aid kit so you are prepared
  • if you are travelling by car, get removable sun screens so the sun isn't shining directly into your baby's eyes


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