Flying with a family
By Kidspot Team
Flying with a family

You've booked the flights, sorted the accommodation, now you're ready to head off on your dream holiday. But ... you have to take the kids with you! Find out how to keep the whole family happy during the flight.

  • Try to avoid booking a flight that is most likely to be full. First and last flights out of or into major cities are most popular among business travellers, while late afternoon or early evening flights are popular with commuters. If there are less people on the plane then you’ll have more room to stretch out. Ask your booking operator’s advice for picking the least busy flight.

  • Front row seats are the best for kids as there is nobody’s seat to kick and you have more leg room. Research each airline’s pros and cons, which have personal TVs and those with the old fashioned overhead screens, the widest seats on offer and most helpful of all, the best seats to book to suit your needs.

  • Once you have the row and number to suit your tribe, remember that an aisle seat and a child don’t go together. Their fidgety hands and legs will get clipped by the food trolley; more than once.

  • The window seat is best for kids as they can watch the world go by and then lean on the window to sleep.

  • Bring along a new toy or activity for each child to enjoy on the flight. Make sure it’s a surprise to get maximum attention span. Also ensure it is quiet so as to avoid annoying fellow passengers.

  • Check with the airline if you can take your baby’s car seat on the plane and strap it in just like you would in the car. No doubt she will be safer than on your lap, and she’ll most probably sleep better, too. You’ll then have the car seat for the hire car once you land.

  • If you have a baby or a toddler, take your umbrella stroller with you on the plane. The crew will store it during the flight, and customs and luggage checks are much less stressful when your hands are free.

  • Check with your GP for advice on assisting babies, children and parents to sleep on the plane.

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