Best tips for family holidays
By Kidspot Team
Best Tips for Family Travel

When planning a family holiday, it may be quicker to do it all yourself but the kids will be happier if you involve them in the planning process too. Include at least one suggestion of an activity or place to visit from each family member, if you can.

Where to go

Consider your destination and what it has available to keep the whole family happy. Dad may love the golf course but the kids won't want to play caddy for a week! Pick a destination that incorporates at least a few places of interest and different activities. Also consider what you will do if the kiwi weather doesn't co-operate. Pack a deck of cards and a couple of board games and the prospect of being stuck in a tent for three days won't seem quite so bad. And just because you're on a beach holiday doesn't mean that you can't sneak off to the cinema for an afternoon or visit the local museum or art gallery.

One holiday, one destination

Kids may seem like they are always on the move but when it comes to a holiday they are homebodies. Pick a place and make it your home for the whole holiday. Whether it’s camping or travelling to Paris, moving the kids around will dim the sparkle of being on holiday. Get to know your destination and enjoy the discoveries that come with spending more than a couple of days in a new town.

Hotel happiness

If your getaway requires a hotel room, invest in two rooms with interconnecting doors. It’s your home away from home and you’ll find you spend more time in there than planned. Sharing one room with more than a partner and portable cot will never be a holiday. It also gives you and your partner time alone, where you can pretend you don’t know that the kids are watching pay-per-view movies till midnight, dropping biscuit crumbs through their bed and falling asleep with their shoes on. That’s called a holiday.

Top Tips:

  • Pack your bags for your trip and then carry them around the block. It will inspire you to rethink what you packed, and no doubt motivate you to unpack, a bit.
  • Make travel CDs with copies of your favorite songs to play on long car journeys.

  • If you want to try a certain restaurant but think your kids won't like the food, feed them first and then, in the restaurant, let them order a dessert while you have your own meal.

  • Rather than lugging the house with you, hire what you need for baby and kids once you arrive. Check out the Kidspot Directory for Baby & Kids Hire Equipment.

  • Utilise Kidspot's Directory and find out what's available for family fun and activivites in the area you will be visiting.

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