Tips to cure travel sickness
By Kidspot Team
Car travel is tedious enough without children vomiting along the way. Here are some great tips to help with travel sickness:

  • Plan to travel at night or early in the morningwhen children are more likely to sleep through the journey.
  • Avoid a heavy meal beforehand, especially fried food or fried snacks. Instead, offer the kids a light snack such as crackers, fruit or carrot/celery sticks.
  • Keep smells neutral: don't smoke in the car, wear perfume or aftershave.
  • Keep children occupied. Tell them stories, talk to them about things they are interested in or have been studying.
  • Don't let children who are prone to travel sickness read or do anything that involves having their head down - head up and eyes straight ahead is the best
  • Play games to distract your child from feeling sick
  • If children are small, make sure you boost the height of their chair so that they can see out of the front window.
  • If children start to feel sick, suggest they keep their eyes on the same spot on the horizon. Looking into the distance helps tell the brain you're moving and may settle nausea.
  • Use book audiotapes instead of reading in the car. Focusing on a page while moving sends mixed messages to the brain, and that is what causes motion sickness.
  • Nibbling small amounts of food often can help.
  • Water is the best drink - or perhaps a little lemonade. Fruit juice is a definite no!

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