Games to play in the car
By Kidspot Team

Filling in the time while travellng in the car with car games is a free and fun activity, however I Spy can get a little tedious! Here are some other fun car games to play:

Spelling Bee

Either show a picture or say a word and let the children determine either the letter that makes the beginning sound or ending sound. If it is one child's turn and they do not know, they may call on a friend to help. For older children, choose words based on your whereabouts for them to spell in full.

Going on a trip

"I am going on a trip and I am going to pack "is a fun memory game where each person adds to the previous person/s reponse/s.

The first person says, "I'm taking a trip and I am going to pack ...," and then fills in the rest of the sentence. It could be a piece of clothing or a toy or a person or whatever they choose.

Each person then repeats what the last person said, and adds their own selection to the end and so on.

Guess what I am

For this game you need someone who is delegated to think of something and then answer questions from the other participants. This person needs to begin the game by stating that they are a person, place or thing.

The other people in the car then need to ask questions and try to guess what the person is based on their answers. People may ask things such as; Are you a person? , are you an animal? , and what colour are you? etc.

If a person guesses correctly, it's their turn to think of something and answer questions.

Alphabet Memory

The first person starts with the letter A and say "A is for ---" filling in the blank with any word beginning with the letter A such as APPLE, ALPHABET, ANIMAL, etc.

Let's use APPLE. The second person then does the letter B, but must also remember what A was! So, they say "A is for APPLE and B is for BOY". Then, the third person starts with A and B and then adds in their suggestion for C like this "A is for APPLE, B is for BOY and C is for CATERPILLAR" and so on

Name that Tune

How many notes will it take your family or child to name that tune? This is a great game for families to play together. One person thinks of a song and then starts to hum the tune - the first one to guess the song correctly is the next to choose a song and hum.
For younger children, you might need to suggest a few bedtime lullabies (twinkle, twinkle little star) or even Christmas Carols to help them along.

A to Z

The objectives of this game is to complete the alphabet first. Each player searches the letters on billboards, trucks, license plates, buildings and anything else in view and shout out your letter and point. Once a letter has been claimed other players cannot use the same letter. Make it harder by limiting to only license plates or billboard signs for older children. Whoever gets to Z first wins.

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