8 top tips for cooking a great steak on the barbeque
By Jennifer Cheung
8 tips for cooking a great steak on the barbeque!

Summer barbeques have become a week long feast as busy people start to use the barbeque more often. It's a fast, simple and easy way to get that meal on the table in a hurry with less washing up and less heat in the kitchen.

Bring the meat to room temperature

Ice cold meat on a hot grill makes the fibres in the meat contract as they hit the hotplate and increase the cooking time. Take your meat out of the fridge and leave it lightly covered on a plate while you prepare the barbeque.

Preheat the barbeque or grill

The meat needs to be seared as it hits the barbeque to seal in all the juices. The less time it spends on the barbeque the better.

Use a tender cut of meat

Porterhouse or rib eye, Scotch fillet and T-bones all cook beautifully on the barbeque. T-bones take a few minutes extra due to the bone.

Lightly oil the meat

Brush your steaks with a little oil to ensure they don't stick. This prevents flare ups and spattering oil. This is the best time to season it as well. Sprinkle a little sea salt and freshly cracked pepper on it after oiling

Don't overcrowd the hotplate and grill

Make sure that the steaks have a few centimetres between them on the grill to ensure the barbeque stays at a hot an even temperature for cooking.

Turn it over just once

Let your steak cook halfway through and then turn it once to cook on the other side. If you are worried about it burning you can lift a little corner of your steak to make sure it doesn't get too charred.

Do not constantly poke the meat and especially do not pierce it

Piercing the meat lets all the juices run out and will leave you with a very dry steak. Leave it in a nice hot place on the grill until it is time to turn it.

Let the meat rest

When your meat comes off the barbeque, you will need to let it rest so the juices stay in the meat. If your steak takes 5 minutes on the grill a 2 & 1/2 minutes resting time is appropriate. Wrap it in some foil to keep it warm.

Follow these tips and enjoy a juicy flavourful steak from the barbeque every time!

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