Children and water safety at the beach
By Kidspot Team
Water safety

Ah summer days at the beach - we dream of them all winter. But don't let your dream turn into a nightmare. Here are some top tips to keep water safe at the beach:

At the beach


  • If there are Surf Live Savers, always swim between the flags
  • If you need help, raise your arm and call for help. Keep calm
  • If the sea is rough, do not go in
  • Never swim alone or at night or while under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Never run and dive into the water
  • Even if the Surf Life Savers are on hand, never let your young child in the water without an adult
  • If you get caught in a rip, do not panic. Paddle and swim parallel to the shore toward the breaking waves. Don't fight the rip
  • Always make sure at least one adult is looking out for the child/ren. Take it in turns and have a formal handover between adults
  • Floating on a lilo or similar is fun in the pool, but not wise at the beach as it is easy to get dumped by waves or carried out by currents or wind.

For more beach safety advice, visit WaterSafety New Zealand

Remember, drowning is a silent action and can take only a minute. You will not know if your child needs help if you are not watching them.

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