Fantastic family summer activities
By Kidspot Team
Fantastic family summer activites

Summer means family fun! We have a fantastic range of indoor and outdoor activities for your family to enjoy this summer. No hang dog sad faces for you!


Beach, pool and water fun


Beach Ball Race  - fun in the pool

Marco Polo - another pool game

Make a sand turtle -  creative

Sand play - for littlies

Wet sand play - even more fun

Outdoor bath


Outdoor Games

Bump - perfect for large groups of kids

French Cricket - all ages can enjoy this

Kick the Can - rope in the neighbourhood kids 

Tunnel ball - 2 teams competing


Outdoor Activities

Plant a salad garden - all the fast growing goodies for a healthy salad

Make your own tent - easy and magical

Car wash - fun and practical

Indoor activities

Make a kite that can fly - truly!

Grow watercress eggheads - fun and edible

Knotted bones - fascinating science experiment

Christmas crafts - easy crafts for kids

Make a special Christmas gift - from the heart

Speedboat Matchsticks - make matches race across the water


Indoor Games

Family charades

Guess what I am - this is a great learning game for younger children (but fun for all ages)

Cubby ideas - to make inside or out!


Cupcake craze

Choc-mint candy cane cupcakes

Clown cupcakes

Cookie monster cupcakes

Elmo cupcakes

Nijago cupcakes




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