Best pregnancy books and DVDs

Pregnancy books and DVDs are made for dipping into, whether you want to reassure yourself that your pregnancy is on track or you're interested in understanding how your unborn baby is developing each week of your pregnancy.

Read our reviews of the best pregnancy books and DVDs around and choose a pregnancy guide (or two!) that will accompany you on your journey from conception through to labour and childbirth.



  • The New Zealand Pregnancy Book by Sue Pullon and Cheryl Benn
    Fast becoming a classic, this book is in its 3rd edition and takes into account changes in NZ's maternity care system
  • A labour of love by Gabrielle Targett
    An Australian pregnancy guide book to natural childbirth
  • New active birth by Janet Balaskas
    A pregnancy book that enables you to have the active birth you want
  • Birth stories by Katrina O'Brien
    Share other women's birth stories with this pregnancy book that tells you like it is
  • Up the duff by Kaz Cooke
    This pregnancy bible gives you the low-down on pregnancy and birth
  • Ask a midwife by Catharine Parker-Littler
    Have all your pregnancy and birth questions answered by the experts
  • Your pregnancy bible by Dr Anne Deans
    This pregnancy book gives practical and reassuring advice during pregnancy
  • What to expect when you're expecting by Murkoff, Eisenberg & Hathaway
    The bestselling pregnancy book that answers all your questions
  • Bliss from within DVD prenatal yoga with Zoe
    A pregnancy DVD that teaches prenatal yoga specially for pregnancy
  • Conception, pregnancy and birth by Dr Miriam Stoppard
    A comprehensive pregnancy guide to everthing from conception to birth
  • Feeding the bump by Lisa Neal
    A pregnancy book that clearly outlines pregnancy nutrition
  • Bonding with your bump by Dr Miriam Stoppard
    A pregnancy guide book to falling in love with your baby before birth
  • Late babies by Sandra McLean
    A pregnancy book that shares the stories of mums over 35 years
  • The natural way to a better pregnancy by Naish & Roberts
    An easy-to-follow pregnancy guide to pre-conception health
  • The new pregnancy and childbirth by Sheila Kitzinger
    This pregnancy classic has been completely updated and revised

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