Essential pregnancy equipment

Pregnancy pampering


Invest in a quality, rich, moisturising cream that will help keep stretch marks at bay. Slather it on your thighs, breast and belly each day after your shower or bath. Your skin will feel baby soft. Book at least one pregnancy massage during each trimester to help maintain good circulation and keep those aches and pains at bay.

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Maternity Bras

New bras are an important purchase as your body shape will probably see your cup size change. This could be your chance to have the full, firm breasts you have always wanted, so make the most of them in a comfortably cute, well-fitted bra. Later in your pregnancy, investing in a belly bra - a snug-fitting singlet-style garment - will help support your back and relieve some of the sensation of your skin stretching.

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You need to give up the stilettos and invest in comfortable shoes that will be safe to walk in, such as ballet flats. Remember that your shoe size might have changed with your swollen feet!

Black may not be how you would like to express your pregnancy but it is such a forgiving colour that so many women find choosing a few key pieces in black help to make them feel more comfortable about their changing shape. Maternity fashion is as seasonal as regular fashion, so it's worth investing in a few expensive pieces that will last the nine months, such as maternity jeans, a dress and skirt, and adding tops to suit the season throughout your pregnancy.

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Multivitamins and supplements

Experts recommend everyone who is planning a pregnancy should take folate (folic acid) around three months prior to conception, and continued throughout pregnancy. Make sure your diet is pregnancy-healthy and add to it, if need be, with multivitamins specifically for pregnant and breast-feeding women. Check with your doctor or midwife before beginning a course of multivitamins or supplements.

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Pregnant friends

Given that you are experiencing a massive change in both your body and future lifestyle, it pays to be informed. Take the time during your pregnancy to prepare yourself mentally and emotionally with the shift that is about to occur by sharing your journey with other mums-to-be.


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