Pregnancy glossary M - Midwife to Multiple birth


A person who has completed training to care for women during their childbearing years and attend to low-risk pregnancies and births.


During labor, molding occurs where the baby's skull sutures overlap and the head shape changes to negotiate the journey through the mother's pelvis. Babies may be born with 'cone heads' - this is temporary.

Mucus plug

The thick mucus that seals off the cervix (the opening to the uterus). This comes out near, or during labour and may look like heavy mucous mixed with red blood - often called a 'bloody show'.

Multifetal pregnancy reduction

A procedure in which the number of gestational sacs is reduced. This procedure is used to decrease the number of fetuses a woman carries and thereby improve the chances that the remaining fetuses will survive and develop into healthy infants.


Second or later pregnancy. (Latin term)

Multiple birth

A pregnancy that results in the birth of more than one infant (twins, triplets, etc).

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