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How to be a money role model

How to be a money role model

It's never too early to start teaching your kids about money. Babies and toddlers develop all sorts of skills by watching and imitating others - and the same goes for learning about money.

Your kids will first find out about money - what it is, how it works and how to handle it - from you. Like all parenting responsibilities, you'll need to be a role model.

You can equip your kids with the financial know-how that will serve them well for the rest of their adult lives even if you don’t think you are a financial whizz. To bring up a financially savvy child you (and your family) may need to have a financial health check first!

Examine your money matters

  • Do you live from one pay day to the next?
  • Do you have a savings plan?
  • Are your credit cards maxed to the limit?
  • Do you set aside money to pay the bills?
  • Do you have a pot of money for emergencies?
  • Are you spending money on things you don't need?

Even from a young age, the way that you manage money will influence your children's attitude towards money. To get your own finances on track sit down and plan a family budget for the year. You can include the kids in the budget process but keep it simple!


Sit down with the kids at the kitchen table. Get a big piece of butcher’s paper and a felt pen. Write down how much you earn. Write down your expenses – show them a bill or two. Write down the amount of money you save. Work out what’s left over -- if any. It’ll show your kids that you have a limited amount of money and it has to be used for lots of different things.

Doing a budget and talking about it with the kids will begin to teach them about:

Visit for a fun personality profiler to do with your children plsu some great money games.

This article was written for Kidspot– New Zealand’s leading parenting website.

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