Easter crafts

Chick Egg Warmer



  • Yellow felt square
  • Scraps of contrasting colour felt
  • 1 x large black seed bead
  • Large chenille needle
  • Yellow thread & scissors
  • Black felt tipped pen

Cut out

Trace the design (available from the template page) of the chick onto the felt using the black felt tipped pen and cut out. Cut out a beak, a wattle, a comb and tail feathers from the contrast felt.


Sew the bead onto the front of the chick for the eye. Place the beak, wattle, comb and tail feathers onto the inside of the back of the chick. Place the front of the chick on top of this and attach the front and back together.


Sew around the edge of the chick, leaving the base of the chick open.

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