Easter Tree


  • Small tin bucket, sand, florists
  • Foam block to fit & branch
  • White spray paint
  • 12 chicken eggs
  • 20cm each of light green & dark green felt
  • Craft glue, PVA glue & paintbrush
  • Glitter in a range of colours
  • 1.5m of thin white ribbon

Step 1

Spray the branch with the white Spray paint, allow to dry. Once dry place it in the oasis block and then place the florists foam into the bucket, fill with sand and compact to hold the tree in place.

Step 2

Blow each egg by putting a pin hole in each end, breaking the yolk by swirling the pin around inside the egg. Blow into one end - the yolk and white will come out of the other pin hole.Glue a 10cm, looped piece of ribbon to the top of each egg.Paint each egg with PVA glue and roll in glitter, making each one different by using a range of glitter colours. This should cover the ends of the looped ribbon.

Step 3

Cut 10 or more leaf shapes from each of the green felts. Glue these to the ends of some branches. Once the eggs are completely dry, hang them from the tree.

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