Egg Pouch


  • Felt squares in various colours
  • Plastic beads, scissors
  • Various trims, buttoms, sequins & motifs
  • Craft glue
  • Sewing thread & needle
  • 30cm of nylon string per pouch
  • Size 13 (large) sewing needle

Step 1

Cut a felt square in half, lengthways, fold in half and stitch up th two sides. Turn right sides out.

Step 2

Cut out either a bunny or egg (go to the and print the template page and print the template) from a contrasting piece of felt and decorate with sequins, ribbon, jewels, joggle eyes or whateve you desire.Glue your design to the front of the pouch using craft glue

Step 3

Thread the nylon thread through the large sewing needle and use it to make the holes at the top of the pouch and to make the drawstring.
Thread beads onto the ends of nylon and tie to secure.


Various trims can be added by sewing them onto the seam of your pouch or gluing them on with craft glue.

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