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Airport Runway Cake

Airport Runway Cake

The Airport Runway birthday cake was created by Kidspot mum Pip Scotter after her son requested it for his 3rd birthday.

Pip started with 1 large rectangular cake. Make 1 quantity of plain icing (she used the Edmond recipe) and divide into 2. Colour one half green and ice the cake. Using any left over, add red and blue icing to make a greyish colour) and ice the runway and taxiway.

Pipe white markings on runway and edges. Put some little red sprinkles in a line at right angles to the start of the runway, white ones along the runway and blue ones along the taxiway for runway lighting (Pip used Sun Valley Foods disco sprinkels. Sprinkle green jelly crystals on the green icing for grass. Support the plane with toothpicks so it looks as if it is taking off and also put terminal building on (you can make one from LEGO if you don't have something suitable) plus some trees if you have them.

Pip also put cotton wool on toothpicks at the ends of the cake to represent clouds but these cannot be seen in the photo.

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