Bullied boy

15 things parents should know about bullying

The word bully has become a loaded and emotional term with schools, workplaces and online social networks deciding that bullying is not tolerated. There are plenty of experts undertaking studies and research into what creates a bully and how to prevent bullying. Governments are also pledging funds to prevent bullying.

All New Zealand schools have created bullying strategies and policies to tackle the problem of bullies and appropriately resolve any problems related to violence and intimidation.

New Zealand is learning the way to preventing and combating bullying, implementing policies and strategies to prevent and treat it as well as educate parents, teachers and children to ensure they get the message ? bullying is never tolerated.

Yet bullying, cyber bullying and schoolyard bullying continues. Kidspot  New Zealand know that parents need the information and resources to understand and deal with bullying in all its forms, so here it is: 15 solutions to prevent bullying.

This article was written by Fiona Baker, former editor in chief of Mother & Baby, Pregnancy & Birth and Wondertime magazines, for Kidspot, New Zealand's leading parenting and pregnancy resource. Sources include Bullying No Way , National Centre Against Bullying, Raising Children Network, Bullying Hurts brochure


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