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The six to eight week check up for your baby
Your baby's 6 to 8 week check up

This is an easy month for check-ups -  if you have one, that is.  Some doctors won’t schedule well visits on the off-months for immunisations, while others will still check in to measure growth and development.  If you’ll be heading to the pediatrician’s or baby nurse's office sometime this month, rest assured that the worst thing your baby will endure is some harmless poking and prodding.

Just as with your last appointment, here is some advice for making your doctor’s appointment less of a headache:

  • Make sure your baby is fed and changed before heading out to the pediatrician or baby nurse. You can always bring formula (or your breast) to the doctor’s office, but feeding the baby too close to the check-up is basically asking to be vomited on.
  • Avoid scheduling a Monday appointment, which typically has the longest wait because of the sicknesses and injuries over the weekend.
  • Aim for the first appointment of the day or right after lunch for the shortest wait times.
  • If you have some bigger health issues that need to be addressed, give the office a heads up when scheduling the appointment so the doctor or baby nurse won’t be rushed. Since appointments at this age are fairly straight forward, the doctor probably isn’t planning on spending too much time in the room.
  • Dress your baby in easy-on, easy-off outfits. It’s not a fashion show.
  • Wait to undress your baby until the exam starts.
  • Don’t hold back questions. Come armed with a list of everything you’re concerned about -  both big and small. Doctors rely on a mother’s instincts and observances because no one knows your baby better than you.

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