Digestive issues in newborns
Digestive issues in newborns

As your baby continues to graduate out of the newborn phase, his digestive system will start to mature - meaning less house-rocking wind, explosive bowel movements and random vomiting.

If you notice increased crankiness after a feeding, especially if your baby pulls in his knees while crying, your baby could have a wind problem.  If nothing helps, ask your doctor about over-the-counter remedies or prescription mediations to break up the wind bubbles.

If your baby cries inconsolably (which, of course, might be colic), projectile vomits, has a large amount of vomit after feeding, chokes or gags while eating and seems to have abdominal pain, read our section on reflux.

If you notice small, hard and dry stools along with an increased amount of crying or crankiness, your baby might be constipated. This is especially common if you're switching to or supplementing with formula, as breast milk rarely gets a baby constipated.

There could be a number of reasons why your baby is vomiting.

If you notice watery, green stools, possibly with mucus or blood, then your baby might have diarrhoea. For advice, read our section on digestive problems.



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