All about newborn noses
All about your newborn's nose

Ah-choooo!!  Sound familiar?  While your newborn's sneezing (and sometimes coughing) in the beginning may be unsettling, it’s most likely just excess amniotic fluid and mucus in the respiratory system - not an illness.  Babies do tend to have quite snuffly breathing due to their narrow nasal passages. T hey’re also getting rid of dust and other air particles that their bodies aren’t used to.

Their noses, like their ears, take care of the cleaning on their own. If your baby does develop a cold, use a nasal aspirator to suction out the mucus - not a tissue or your fingers, which could push anything up further or could damage their nasal membranes.  If their nose is stuffed up, use saline nasal drops before aspirating to clear their passages for easier feeding, sleeping and breathing.  They’ll cry for sure - no one likes liquid squirted up their nose - but it needs to be done.

Make sure you keep up your baby's feeding to help replace the lost fluids.

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