One breast is larger than the other
One breast is larger than the other



If you suddenly wake up one day with lopsided breasts (and you didn’t have a previous breast surgery or injury on one side), it’s most likely because your baby has been feeding too frequently from the larger breast.  This could be because:


  • You simply lost track while recording the feedings and mistakenly fed too often from one side
  • The baby has an ear infection or another illness that makes it uncomfortable to eat in a certain position
  • You have a breast infection in the smaller breast, making your milk taste salty

While the problem will probably even out with time, there are some measures you can take - as long as there isn’t a medical issue preventing nursing from one side:


  • Start each feeding on the smaller side because babies often eat more vigorously in the beginning
  • If the problem is drastic, try nursing from only the small breast for two feedings in a row, then switch to the larger one. But be careful not to let the larger breast become engorged, which can lead to clogged ducts or a breast infection 
  • Feed normally but pump the smaller side for five to ten extra minutes for a couple feedings

You should see results in a matter of days.


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Written by Linda Drummond for Kidspot, New Zealand's leading pregnancy and parenting resource.



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