Tempting fussy eaters
By Yvette Lee |
fussy eaters

Your child's eating habits can be a constant source of worry! Will they eat enough breakfast to concentrate at school today? Are they eating enough, or are they eating too much? Are they getting the vitamins and minerals that they require each day, and what about their fibre intake?

Here are some general guidelines on how to tackle fussy eating and take the stress away from breakfast and mealtimes.

  • Be an example to your child

    If you're a fussy eater then you may have to make peace with the idea that she may be a fussy eater too. Lead by example and try to expand your diet to show her that you enjoy a wide variety of foods.

  • Assisting with food preparation

    Ask your child to help with the preparation of a meal. She is more likely to eat a meal she has helped to make.

  • Set up regular habits for eating

    Children thrive on routine so keep mealtimes regular and try to make sure there's enough conversation and engagement around the table to make the children enjoy coming to the table.

  • Make sure that the food you serve looks interesting

    By including a few different coloured foods on his plate, she may become more interested in her food. If she has food favourites, include them and work from there.

  • Encourage self-feeding from a young age

    Being actively involved in eating - rather than sitting passively receiving food - will encourage her to take an interest in the food she's being served.

  • Find a food he will eat from each food group

    If your child doesn't like milk, try offering yoghurt or cheese.

  • Finish dinnertime

    Once your child has eaten as much of a meal as he's going to, take away his plate and finish the meal. This will discourage him from drifting away from the table with the expectation that he can drift back later to pick at his food.

  • Serve child-size food

    Their stomachs are small so make sure that your expectations are realistic.Your child is not a small adult and you can't expect her to eat like an adult. She can always ask for a second helping! Generally serve three small meals a day, with a snack in between.

  • Give them a good start to the day

    Make sure she eats a nutritious breakfast. For example, Kellogg's Sultana Bran Buds is very high in fibre and has a taste that kids really love.

  • Give your child a choice

    Let your fussy eater exercise a little power at mealtimes. Would she like pumpkin or potato? Milk or water? Cheese or yoghurt? By choosing one food over another, you'll probably find that she'll be happier to eat the one she's chosen.

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