Giving your newborn a bath

Step by step bath time


Never leave your baby in the bath unattended. Babies can drown very quickly and completely silently.


  • Choose a quiet time to give your newborn a bath
  • Wash her face before you begin - it's too hard to do this properly while she's in the bath.
  • Take her clothes off, leaving her nappy until last.
  • Holding onto her at all time, lower her feet first into the bath, while you support her head in one hand and cradle her neck and back with the other.
  • Lie your baby down into the bath, supporting her head at all time, until the back of her head is under the water. You can then gently move the water over her hair.
  • While shampoo is not needed for newborn hair, it is a good idea to wet her hair a couple of time a week.
  • Wash her bottom and genitals last, making sure that you only use water.
  • Gently lift her out of the bath, taking care to support her head and neck and lie her on her back on a dry towel.
  • Gently pat her dry, paying special attention to her skin creases which may become irritated if they're not properly dried.

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This article was written by Ella Walsh for Kidspot. Sources include Raising Children Network

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