How to decorate Easter eggs
By Belinda Graham |
Decorate Easter eggs

There’s no need to dye your eggs to make them pretty enough for Easter. You can get some impressive modern decorative eggs with a few items from the craft box and your own artistic style. Choose a colour palette of a few similar colours for a theme to unify the different looks. Try blowing your own eggs first and then letting loose with a few paints, stickers and decorations.

Try these 5 ideas for decorating eggs:

  • Personalised Easter eggs
  • Decorative fish scale Easter eggs
  • How to string-wrap Easter eggs
  • Decorate Easter eggs with felt strips
  • Silver hand drawn decorative eggs



What you need:

  • blown eggs
  • alphabet stickers
  • wooden skewer
  • a candle
  • spraypaint
  • a white paint pen
  • metallic pencils (available at Kmart or craft stores)
  • decorative felt strips (with sticky back, available from Spotlight)
  • silver paint or ink pen


For personalised egg:

Use the alphabet stickers to spell out a name. Children can help with this step.

Make an egg stand. Twist one end of a wooden skewer into the top of a candle until it stands straight up by itself. Now place the egg on the other end through the larger hole to create a stand.

Follow the instructions on your spraypaint can and spray the egg until it’s the desired colour.

Once dry, carefully remove the stickers. If you want the inside to be a different colour to “natural eggshell” carefully colour in the sticker part with a white paint pen. You can try painting it a different colour before you put on the stickers and spraypaint, but there is a chance you will peel off the original paint with the sticker.

For fish scale egg:

Paint the egg black with chalkboard paint using the egg stand as mentioned above.

Once dry, use a metallic pencil to carefully draw a fishscale pattern on the egg starting from the base.

For string-wrapped egg:

Paint the egg with chalkboard paint using the egg stand as mentioned in “personalised eggs”.

Once dry, wrap string around the egg and tie off. Place on the egg stand again and spraypaint until the colour changes.

Once dry, carefully remove the string.

For felt strip eggs:

Spraypaint the egg using the egg stand as mentioned in “personalised eggs”.

Once dry, peel off the backing of the felt strip and stick onto the egg.

For silver hand drawn decorative egg:

Spraypaint the egg using the egg stand as mentioned in “personalised eggs”.

Once dry, use a silver paint or ink pen (or any other colour of your choice) to draw a pattern all over it.



  • Put down old newspaper or an old bedsheet before you spraypraint and decorate to prevent permanently colouring the table!
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