What to bring to the hospital
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A list of what to bring

Labour bag for the hospital

Personal items for woman and partner:

  • 2 comfortable T-shirts or pyjamas, shirts or sarong to labour in.
  • Dressing gown or housecoat.
  • Slippers or flat comfy shoes.
  • Socks (2 pairs, feet can get cold in labour).
  • Underpants (at least 1/2 dozen) take your old ones not the lovely lacy ones.
  • Sanitary pads (2 large maternity packets).
  • Toiletries-for both woman and partner (brushing your teeth can make you feel a bit better if the labour is long).
  • A change of clothes and comfortable shoes for the partner.
  • A box of tissues, some super soft luxurious toilet paper!
  • Lip balm for dry lips.
  • Clips, headbands or hair ties / scrunchies to keep hair off your face during labour.
  • Swimmers for partners / support person so you can support her in the shower or bath.
  • You may like to bring some of your own personal belongings to create your own atmosphere like pillows, duvet, etc.
  • Photo of your other child (ren), the pet or a relative, or your favourite holiday destination.
  • Comfortable clothes or shoes to wear home or in the postnatal ward.
  • Breast pads for when your milk comes in 2-4 days after the birth.
  • A set of clothes for your baby to go home in.
  • Equipment and formula for bottle-feeding if you intend to do this and the hospital asks you to supply this.

Drinks and snacks

  • Mineral water, juice non-acidic juices such as apple or pear, lucozade, PowerAde, Gatorade. Tea or coffee and plunger for partner / support if you like real coffee. Your own preferred blend of herbal teas.
  • Ice blocks.
  • Bendable straws.
  • Lollies to bring up energy levels barley sugars or lolly pops on a stick (easier to remove during a contraction).
  • Chocolate or muesli bars.
  • Fruit (fresh and dried).
  • Food that is easily digestible soups, yoghurt and high-energy snacks.
  • Food for support people (or Pizza delivery number).

Massage and support tools

  • Massage oil
  • Massage implements
  • Cooling gel (for massage)
  • Face washer or flannel
  • Music, tapes or CD's, check to see if the birth centre supplies players
  • Evian spray or something similar to spray your face

Heat/cold packs

  • Heat packs (you will need to check with the birth centre for their preferences and what they do and do not supply)

Other helpful Items

  • Camera and film
  • Video recorder and tripod
  • Cellphone, charger and recharge card if you're on prepay
  • Birthday cake
  • Baby capsule installed in the car

Natural therapies

  • Bach, flowers homoeopathics, herbal tinctures
  • Aromatherapy oils -remember to check if this is OK
  • A note of any acupressure points for labour
  • Visualisation tapes
  • Anything else you think you may need

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