Best baby toys

Best baby toys

Wooden blocks will always be a solid toy for baby, but today, much research and psychological study goes into developing baby toys. There's a reason for the colours, the sounds, the lights, the materials and the shape. To choose the best toys for baby, follow these simple steps:

  • Check for sharp edges or rough surfaces as they can cause cuts and splinters. 
  • Buy washable, non breakable toys for babies. 
  • Anything small enough to fit into a 35mm film canister can choke a child under three. 
  • Be wary of toys that make loud noises as they can be harmful to hearing. Particularly toys which are held against the ear, such as walkie talkies and toy mobile phones.
  • Buy for your baby's age, not six months ahead. 
  • Look for toys that grow with baby as she moves through the lying, sitting and standing phases.


Small babies just love a playmat. The containment of the mat, with its sides and the gym above, keeps baby feeling safe and secure. They can only see a few centimetres in front of them so they need to feel cocooned, and a playmat does this job well, while at the same time introducing enough stimulation to keep him satisfied. Baby will use a playmat until about 9 months old, so it's worth investing in a good one. Check out the ranges from these top baby and kids' stores.

Baby Warehouse
Daisy Baby
Bumps to Kids

Car, cot and pram toys

As baby starts to reach out to touch things, he'll need a well positioned and secured dangly toy to help with the development of his motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Find your favourites online.

The Toy Shed
Kiwi Baby

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