Preschooler- drinking water varieties

Drinking water varieties

Tap water:

  • All tap water to be drunk by babies under 6 months should be boiled and then cooled.
  • Until your baby is 6 months old, you should bring all tap water that is being used for formula to the boil before it’s used.

Rain water:

  • Because of the possibility of bacteria and contamination, rain water should always be boiled before it is drunk – regardless of age. This particularly important for the very young, the old and the ill.
  • While rainwater usually contains very few chemicals, it’s not recommended that you drink it – even after boiling – if you live in a heavy traffic or industrial area.


Spring water:

  • Spring water should be boiled for children under 12 months – most spring water is treated to remove impurities but it’s never possible to guarantee that it’s completely safe.
  • Spring water contains no fluoride so children who only drink this type of water may need a fluoride supplement.
  • While there has been some concern over aluminium levels in bottled water, Food Standards Australia and New Zealand considers aluminium levels in water and food to be safe.


Tap filters:

  • Tap filters work only to take out the large particles from water – they can’t remove fluoride or any other dissolved minerals.
  • Filters cannot protect you from getting an infection from the water it filters, so filtered water should be treated in the same way tap water is – you should boil it for babies under 6 months.

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This article was written by Ella Walsh for Kidspot. Sources include SA Government’s Parenting and Child Health and Public Health.


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