Age to start:

Typically children can begin to row in races from secondary school age. Children usually have to wait until they are at least 12 because they have to have developed enough physically to handle rowing oars and the rigors of rowing. Individual discretion is advised as to when a child can begin to learn to row. Once a child is able to physically handle rowing they can begin to participate.

Rules of the game:

Children will not necessarily compete in rowing races when they initially begin to participate in the sport. Coaches will teach them how to row and they will train accordingly. Once children develop their rowing skills they may wish to compete in races.


Rowing is an excellent form of fitness for boys and girls to undertake. Rowing gives children a complete body workout. It provides aerobic conditioning as well as strength training.

Rowing can prove to be physically taxing on the body so individual discretion is advised as to when to begin rowing. It is recommended that children wait until they are 12 years of age but children who can physically cope can begin rowing when it is individually appropriate for them.

Rowing is an impact free sport so the risk of impact style injuries is eliminated. Whilst at the elite level many rowers are tall and powerful this is not a requirement for children interested in participating.

Sign up dates:

Contact your local club for specific information as to how to become a member.

Sporting tips:

In order to specifically participate in rowing you require;

  • A great work ethic
  • Excellent physical fitness
  • A high level of mental strength and application

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