Age to start:

Swimming is a sport for all ages. Some parents have their children in the water as young as 6 months old. Many swimming clubs have age appropriate activities for children to participate in.


Rules of the game:

Rules only apply in swimming when a child competes at an official event where they race other competitors. When they take part in swimming lessons they will be instructed as to the correct technique for the various strokes.



Swimming is a great form of exercise for boys and girls of all ages. A child of any body type can participate and learn to swim. Swimming lessons help a child to build strong bones and muscles as well as develop an excellent level of overall physical fitness.

As it is a water sport, consideration needs to be given to any medical conditions that may be affected as a result of spending considerable time in the water.


Sign up dates:

Swimming lessons run year round so it is suggested that you contact your local club so as to register for lessons.


Sporting tips:

To be successful at swimming you require;

  • Physical fitness
  • Excellent lung capacity
  • A high level of co-ordination, balance and flexibility

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