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Holiday Memories

Holiday Memories

Invoking your travel memories from last century may well require nothing more than a whimsical glance at the empty matchbook cover from Paris’ Café de Flore or your prized NYC Bungalow 8 bar coaster, but now that you pack a stroller instead of a straightener you’ll be looking for a more family-friendly style of memory maker.

Happy Scraps

The philosophy behind a holiday scrapbook is little more than, ‘if you can stick it down it goes in’. Don’t worry about what you are going to do with all your memory makers; that will happen once you arrive home. The holiday is the time to aimlessly gather your collection of recollections. Supply everyone with a large-size zip lock bag for their contribution; don’t limit yourselves to the obvious and forget chronology. This is a collection of every day memories and something as mundane as a grocery receipt will bring to mind all those crazy breakfast cereals you found in the Italian supermarket.

Once home, you’ll need a series of acid-free loose leaf pages that can be easily bound or secured to create a book. Spend an evening creating your family scrapbook together and relive your experiences as you log everyone’s offerings, lolly wrappers and all.

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