Ballet and Dancing


Age to start:

Kids can begin to take dance lessons as young as 3 years old. Most dance schools will take children aged 3. Children need to be able to concentrate and follow instructions. Early dance classes focus on developing basic motor skills and musicality in the children.

Dance schools have student intakes for children of all ages. There are a variety of classes that cater for your child’s age and ability, including ballet, jazz, tap, character and hip hop.


Rules of the game:

Ballet is more of an artistic discipline rather than a game that has rules. Children will be instructed by their teacher as to the techniques of correct dance depending on the type of dance being learnt. There are various dance competitions that children can voluntarily enter that have rules and requirements that are judged upon by a panel of judges.



Dance and ballet is a suitable discipline for boys and girls. Introductory classes help to build fitness and develop children’s basic motor skills. Classes are suitable for children who have a keen interest in music and dancing.

Dance classes allow children to enjoy music and dance in a fun and safe environment. It must be noted that dance and ballet class are predominantly made up of girls although most schools do cater for both boys and girls.


Sign up dates:

Most dance schools that cater for children run their classes to coincide with the school terms. Contact your local dance school for more information as to how to sign up your child for classes.


Sporting tips:

In order to successfully participate in dance/ballet you require;

  • An appreciation for the arts, in particular music and dance.
  • A sound level of physical fitness
  • The ability to concentrate and follow instructions

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