Fun crawling games
By Joanna Bounds |
Fun crawling games

Try these fun games to play with your baby to encourage rolling and crawling.

Soft balls

Rolling a ball to and away from your baby is a great way to encourage and build crawling skills. A ball with a bell inside is even better to get your bub chasing and crawling.

Push-a-long toys

Push-a-long toys are great to promote crawling – roll a push-a-long toy in front of your baby and praise your infant when they reach out for it, as they’re strengthening muscles and learning hand-eye coordination.

Cardboard box tunnel

Open up two ends of a cardboard box to make a tunnel, and play hide-and-seek with your baby, encouraging them to crawl towards you, or rolling a ball to the other end.

Touch and go

Lay down different textured materials for your baby to crawl over, such as a soft mohair jumper, a rubbery bath mat or crinkly tissue paper, saying out loud ‘soft’, ‘rubbery’ or ‘crinkly’ as they crawl over each one.

Make an obstacle course

Use soft cushions and pillows to make an obstacle course for your baby. With a more challenging terrain, and climbing up and over the pillow, your bub will learn how to start taking confidence-building risks.

Playing chase

Your baby will get uber-excited when mum or dad get on their hands and knees and crawl away from them in their first game of chase. When your baby’s trust has been built, have a go at chasing them in return!

Play hide and seek

Encourage your baby’s mobility by hiding a favourite toy and letting them ‘find’ it. Don’t make the game too hard, as you want to give as much praise and encouragement as possible.

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