Six reasons why crawling is important
By Joanna Bounds |
Six reasons why crawling is important

Muscle development and crawling.

Reason one

As your baby starts to crawl they’re developing motor skills, balance, muscle tone and hand-eye coordination, all essential when it comes to learning to stand, walk, play, kick a ball, read and write.

Reason two

While a crawling bub often prefers to go through things, rather than around, babies soon start to learn about spatial concepts, such as under and over.

Reason three

Your baby’s visual skills will develop in leaps and bounds on discovering that their favourite rattle can be near or far away, learning to switch their vision between the distance and the foreground.

Reason four

Left and right brain coordination is boosted by crawling, as the brain is required to process hearing, sight and movement all at the same time.

Reason five

A crawling baby is building self-confidence and making some of their first decisions. For example, a more experienced crawler will learn when to slow down, navigate a step or investigate obstacles in their way.

Reason six

When a baby starts pulling up, often holding on to furniture, the normal curve in the spine is developed, along with strengthening their lower back and leg muscles.

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