Horse Riding


Age to start:

Children can start to ride horses from the age of 5 years. Many horse riding clubs offer beginner classes for children 5 to 8 years old. Children are given an introduction to horse riding. This provides a solid base for them to progress through to becoming an advanced horse rider.


Rules of the game:

Horse riding is an activity for children rather than a game that is governed by rules. However, children will be taught basic riding and safety principles by experienced instructors. If children enjoy their horse riding and become advanced they can compete in equestrian competitions that are governed by a set of rules.



Horse riding is a suitable activity for boys and girls. It allows children to combine their love of animals and the outdoors into an exciting and enjoyable activity. Horse riding educates children as to how to be responsible and take care of a horse. In addition, children develop balance, coordination and confidence when taking part in horse riding.

There is some risk of injury if a child falls from a horse but the risk is minimal as children are given horses with the appropriate temperament so as to cater for the child's age and experience.


Sign up dates:

Children can sign up for horse riding lessons at any time throughout the year. Contact your local horse riding club for further details. Many clubs run specific programs and camps for children of all abilities during the school holidays.


Sporting tips:

In order to successfully participate in horse riding you should;

  • Have an affinity for horses and the outdoors
  • Possess confidence around animals
  • Be willing to learn about and take care of a horse

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