Dressing your baby
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How to dress your baby

Newborn babies will generally need dressing and undressing on a daily basis, sometimes 2 to 4 changes in a 24 hour period. The reasons for a change of clothes can include:

  • When having a bath
  • If they become excessively wet or soiled from leaking nappies
  • Regurgitation (or vomiting) of milk after feeding.
  • Adding or taking off layers of clothing due to weather temperature changes
  • Going out on a days outing

Most babies hate being undressed and will cry in protest when you take all their clothes off. After a while they will adjust to this 'changing' routine. Make sure you change your baby on a soft surface and keep the period of time they are naked to a minimum, so they don't become too cold. The room should be a pleasant temperature and the doors and windows closed to stop draughts.

You should change your baby on something at a comfortable height. If changing them on your bed, kneel on the floor. It is important that you avoid overstretching and twisting your body, especially for the woman in the early weeks after the birth. Never leave your baby unsupervised on anything that is off the ground. If you need to get something, answer the door or telephone, or rescue a toddler, always take your baby with you.

Watch our step-by-step video for tips on how to dress your baby comfortably.


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