Activities for boys: Five things to make and do
By Penny Flanagan |
Two boys in tree

Snips and snails and puppy dogs' tails, that’s what little boys are made of.

Little boys are also made of lots of cuddles and an overwhelming urge to figure out how things work. Hence all those ballpoint pens pulled apart in the name of 'discovery'.

If you have a boy, you’ve probably already figured out that life is much more fun if you stop saying 'no' and just embrace their thirst for hands-on knowledge and intrepid exploration.

Boys are terrific, if a little accident-prone. Keeping these little heat-seeking missiles busy and their minds active is the secret to a happy family life.

So if you are looking for great activity ideas for boys aged about five and up, we’ve compiled five boy-approved activities with how-to videos that will keep your little man amused and out of trouble.

Make your own lava lamp


This is a great one for a few reasons: it involves some good old-fashioned recycled crafting and, when he drops the fizzy tablet into the lamp, your little boy is in charge of the action - right where he likes to be. Plus there's hours of meditative amusement watching the bubbles in the lava lamp pop and explode.


Instructions on how to make your own lava lamp

How to make green gooey slime


Who says the kitchen is a woman's domain?  You won't be able to keep your little bloke away from the bench when it's time to make goo. It's okay to stick your hands in and squish the goo around. In fact, it's the most important part of the process.


Instructions on how to make green gooey slime

Construct your own rubber band CD car


This is a great rainy day afternoon project that also has a practical mechanics element to it that will give your son an idea of how engines work. Boys love to take charge with this sort of thing. So don’t micromanage, let him do it himself and only step in when he asks for help.


Instructions on how to make your own rubber band CD car

How to make a cool bubble snake maker


Bubbles, bubbles everywhere! Another great recycling activity resulting in a cheap homemade toy that will get your boy playing outside for hours. Why not challenge him to make the longest bubble snake he can?

Instructions on how to make a cool bubble snake maker

Make a fleet of peg airplanes

Got a plane spotter on your hands? What better way to improve your little guy's fine-motor skills than an activity that involves the object of his fascination? Making a whole fleet and painting them different colours adds to the fun. 

Instructions on how to make a fleet of peg airplanes


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