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Immunisations are a hot-button for some parents, but every doctor is going to recommend a list of vaccinations designed to protect newborn babies against preventable diseases.
There are a number of government funded recommended childhood immunisations.You can see the full schedule here. 

Why so many immunisations?

Babies require small doses of vaccine, which require boosters to remain effective. Immunisation can be controversial, as some parents choose to reject Government advice, which has been designed to protect all members of the community. Information about why some parents choose not to vaccinate their babies is available from the Immunisation Awareness Society.

While it has been argued that improved living standards and sanitation have reduced the incidence of infectious diseases, vaccination has also had a clear and significant impact. Measles and pertussis (whooping cough), for instance, are spread by coughing and sneezing, and the attack rates are almost 100 per cent, no matter what the standards of hygiene are. All the vaccine-preventable diseases have shown dramatic reductions in incidence after the introduction of vaccination. For more information, check out our Vaccine Fact Sheet .


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